New ADS-B test additions: Here’s a few quick things to remember about ADS-B (note: these questions are new additions to the PPL exam and students are seeing on average 2-4 of these questions appear on the test out of the normal 60 questions). With certain exceptions, all aircraft within 30 miles of a Class B […]

IFR Nav Systems Part 2 WP

In this section, we will primarily discuss FAA Knowledge Test Bank questions relating to GPS, WAAS, and RNAV.  The Global Positioning System has drastically improved accessibility to IFR operations in the National Airspace System. The implementation of GPS approaches and waypoints allow us to operate IFR in areas that previously couldn’t support IFR operations due […]

IFR Flying Part 1 WP

This section contains a large number of technical questions expanding upon content previously introduced. This is the last lesson of your Private Pilot Bootcamp! After this section, we’ll move into the practice test for your FAA knowledge test. Once you have reviewed all videos in this section and feel comfortable with the content, select “Mark Complete” below […]

IFR Enroute Part 1 WP

As you work through this section, remember these minimum IFR altitude abbreviations: MEA – Minimum Enroute Altitude (Lowest published altitude between radio fixes that ensures adequate navigation signal coverage and obstacle clearance.) RNAV Minimum En-route Altitude (Depicted on some IFR low charts so both RNAV and non-RNAV pilots may use the same chart for navigation) […]

Holding and IAPs Part 2

You’re already halfway through! Finish strong. After this section, we’ll take the Holding and IAPs Quiz. Still looking for more information on holds and instrument approaches? Remember, you can: Access our IFR Pilot Course Holding Lesson by clicking here. Access our IFR Pilot Course Approach Charts Lesson by clicking here. Click “Mark Complete” below to […]