Lesson 13 Quiz

Complete the following questions and earn a 90% or better to move on.  At the completion of the quiz, be sure to return to the LESSON page and ensure all TOPICS are completed as well to be able to move onto the next lesson.  Good Luck!

note: this quiz may be taken a total of 5 times, you must earn a passing score to continue with the course.

Lesson 13 Quiz


  1. mtresq43

    A lot to take in in one lesson, but got through it the second time. feel this is VERY important information to understand so I bought a bulk on just weather and plan on studying that as well.

  2. Acepilot

    A lot of information here in this chapter a lot to absorb especially when you can’t so now I’m some of the names of the clouds. I’ll reread it and try and do better..

  3. Seagull

    You are doing this online, so take your time read reread again and again. I ton of information some catch on quick others not so much. In the end easy or hard the goal is to finish well and walk away a better man for it. I live in the mtns and I have been up in a small 172 flying along the foothills and you talk about bumpy!!! I know it’s drinking from a fire hose at times but again knowing the subject matter is key. Good Luck and aim further down the runaway ! LOL

  4. Christopher Blythe Bartram

    This really, is just common sense stuff, I get that I am lucky. I have family in Australia my Uncle was the one who would send us all the weather reports. They collected the data out in the desert send up weather balloons gather the data and send it to the other countries. He used to work at one of the Australian air force base so. He told, show me easy things to remember this stuff.