Lesson 14 Quiz

Complete the following questions and earn a 90% or better to move on.  At the completion of the quiz, be sure to return to the LESSON page and ensure all TOPICS are completed as well to be able to move onto the next lesson.  Good Luck!

note: this quiz may be taken a total of 5 times, you must earn a passing score to continue with the course.

Lesson 14 Quiz


  1. javi_golf

    I thought when reading wind direction for a time that’s not on the chart you had to “interpolate”. Or do you just choose the information for the closest available time?

  2. Mark Wilson

    When you “Initiate” (the key word in this trick or incorrect question) a Go Around, IF you drop flaps to Take Off Appropriate Flaps, before adding power (which is the questions “correct” answer) you’re going to find yourself IN THE GROUND!!

  3. dgfike

    when you initiate a “go around” what flap setting should you initiate? The first thing on go around is to hit full power, and that would be with landing flaps in position, Then once safety at altitude change flap setting. yes/ no ?

    1. Justin Rider

      I answered that the flaps would be in landing position as well. If I am wrong please correct me. I was taught in a go around to apply full power (and carb heat off if you have it), establish a positive rate and the work the flaps out a notch at a time. Let me know if this is incorrect

      1. Jon K Post author

        That’s the correct sequence, the idea here is when initiating a go around (i.e. the first 3-5 seconds of the go around), you should be getting full power set, and reducing flaps if needed to a setting you could use for takeoff, I.e. 30 degrees to 20 degrees of flap. You wouldn’t want to leave say 40 degrees of flap set and try to climb away with that.