IFR Flights

The following questions are a direct excerpt from the test bank the FAA uses for the Instrument Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test.  Remember to choose the BEST answer you can.  Take the time to make handwritten notes of each question(s) you are unsure of or are marked incorrect during this quiz.  You may take this quiz up to 5 times.  You will need an 85% or better to pass this quiz.

Keep in mind you may screenshot questions (screenshot the whole page with question, figure, and answers) you do not understand, and email the screenshot to us at cfi@fly8ma.com for an explanation from one of our CFII’s.

Also keep in mind you can rewatch the videos in the lessons, and adjust the playback speed of the videos to slow them down or speed them up.

Good luck with the quiz!  You have 35 minutes to complete it.

IFR Flights